Internet access

Dubai Internet Provider information

So now, you have settled down, and the first thing in your mind is to setup the internet services. Who can live without internet these days? None of us.

So here you go, unfortunately, for internet services either for home or office. Du and Etisalat are the only choices. They are the only mobile phone and internet services in the UAE. The Price for Etisalat is a bit higher than Du, but they do have better signals and faster speed.

For visitors and tourists, Etisalat also provides Visitor Line plan and du provides Visitor Mobile Line and Tourist Plan for short term visitors. The plans have various options for making local and international calls, sending text messages and surfing the internet.

Documents needed

Visitors need to provide a copy of their passport and UAE visa in order to obtain a local SIM card.

Wi-Fi in the UAE

Etisalat and du provide Wi-Fi service in the UAE at many locations. If you stay in the hotel, most hotels offer free Wi-Fi. One good things about Dubai, most malls and many other public places also provide free Wi-Fi, such as cafe, restaurants, don’t forget to ask the password and enjoy the free services.

PRO and Cons for those provider

So far, I haven’t even touched the point for Virgin mobile. This is my favorite mobile service provider currently. Here are the pros and cons for Virgin mobile Dubai.


  1. No Contract!!!! You can pay monthly or yearly or harlf year on your own choices, they do not force you to yearly contract, and you can change it anytime (Yearly contract is 50% off!!!)
  2. You can pause your plan anytime you like, for example, if you need to travel abroad, you can simply pause it with 10 aed charge per month.
  3. One hour free delivery of SIM card, no hassel.
  4. Share your data with your friends with Maximum 5GB, they also offering free double data


  1. They are changing their rules…sadly they canceled their double data service and you can not share your data with your friend after May 2021
  2. They might cancel the 50% offer as well in future.
  3. No home or business internet services, only limits to mobile services so far.

For more information on mobile and internet services, you can call Etisalat on 101 or 144 and du on 155.

For Virgin mobile, just simply download the virgin app, and you are able to apply.